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And now for some thing completely different!

This is where we post photos of some of the creative Artwork, Totempoles, and Sculptures being created in the Campbell River area. For variety, and interest sake this section is not filled with boats, but if there happens to be a local builder of distinction it just may get included. So without further delay, sit back and enjoy some of the local talent. To get a better view simply click on the photos to expand.

The Eagle above and below was created by a local artist Alex Whitcome who creates mesemerizing masterpieces from driftwood scraps on the beach. His  sense of proportioning is simply astonishing!

Talk about an “Eye for detail”.

“Breath of Death” is what I like to call this masterpiece. Every year in July a competition is held on the beach at Willow Point in Campbell River and chainsaw artists from around the world come to compete. In only a week cedar logs are transformed into amazing sculptures are and judged. This piece was carved from a single Yellow Cedar log.

One can certainly sense the depth and space of water as these rays just drift past another fish of the deep.

 “Scare the Crow” won first prize the year before last and rightfully so!

These dolphins were a delightfull surprise as we sometimes see them swimming in schools chasing herring and other smaller fish.

Several years ago a competition was held in Campbell River to replace the aging gentleman “Logger Mike” in the  background. He straddles a large pole in Downtown Campbell River. The new logger Mike in the foreground certainly has attitude!  Premiere Horgan will certainly allow him to keep pillaging the last remaining stands of Old Growth on Vancouver Island and BC , so that we may continue to give it all away to every one else except Canadians. And “Logger Mike” knows it!  Symbolism in Colonialism is alive and well, thriving in BC.

Alex Whitcome again crashed the scene with his amazing, “Sheila, the Raptor” Alas some one vandalized the sculpture. Alex stepped up to the plate again and rebuilt her and she is even more amazing than ever.

Even Vincent dropped by to sell some of his paintings, but no one would lend him their ear.

Most astonishing is is local First Nation Junior Henderson’s , “Who gives a Hoot”. He really does carve for the fun of it and his carving won first prize as they usually do. His sense of proportioning is astonishing with the knot dead centre in the eye, on par with Michaelangelo. What more can one say.

More to come!