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Our Courier  & Totem Rowboat/ Tender  Kits are customized to build  any Cosigne Wherry, Whitehall, or Compumarine designs. They are tailored utilising the designers’ building methods in whole or in part.

Plans for making the moulds are not included but may be purchased direct from the designers as many people prefer to make their own moulds. Our speciality is in the precision milling of Cedar strips and other harder to source essential wood components required to build an elegant craft utilising West Coast cedar and quality Hardwoods. 

Coot 1 - Ian Oldaker    A smart looking little tender “Coot” designed by Guillemot Kayaks & built by Ian Oldaker.  Couldn’t wait to get it in the pool so it went in without gunwales. 




The above ” Rowboat Kit” includes:


  • 1/4″ x  3/4″ or 5/8″ x 6′ to 7′ 10″ bead & cove Courier strips in Western Red & Yellow Cedar.
  • Courier b&c strips shipped to US are  6′ to 8′ 4″ in length
  • Simply specify your choice of strip width &  colour preference at time of order and depending upon available stock we will put a custom package together for you at no additional cost!


“Fineline” – Highlight Strips

  • 12 pcs. 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 6′ – 8′ Yellow Cedar strips & 8 pcs. 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 6′ – 8′ dark Red Cedar strips. If you are building a lighter colored  hull we can reverse the proportions accordingly.

Fineline bundle

Inwales & Outwales

  • Set of pre-scarfed, full roundover & scuppered gunnels. There are 8 pcs  with scarf cuts tapered to a perfect feather edge for you to glue together with Titebond II or III.  We provide the instructions for you to glue them together easily with professional results.




  • Inner (Yellow or Red Cedar) unless otherwise specified.  They are easier to bend & shape to support the ends of the strips during planking. For more detailed info go to  Stem strips.
  • Outer ( Yellow Cedar, Ash or Cherry) because of their flexibility & strength. Mahogany is available to match mahogany gunwales. 

Satin -2


  • Pair of Yellow Cedar, Ash or Cherry    

Cherry Decks copy

For Courier Rowboat/Tender Kit pricing please contact us for a quote. 


Our Totem Rowboat/Tender Kits  include all of the same high quality components as the Courier  Rowboat/Tender Kits above .  The only difference is that Totem strips are full length to match each design and they are all 1 foot longer than the length of the boat.

All Totem Rowboat/Tender gunwales are full length.

For Totem Rowboat/Tender Kit pricing please contact us for a quote.