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The big issue that many strip manufactures forget or ignore is safe robust packaging with as low an environmental footprint as possible. We take this issue very seriously so we have opted to provide the “Totem Box” with minimal plastic.  These shipping crates are a real treat to build as we have fun building a well crafted crate that  looks good after milling miles of strips.


Bundle -prep


Once your order is finalised and in our system we pull the bundles of 20 colour matched strips and tape them together on our packaging jigs assuring that they are straight and true guaranteeing no stress on the coves. Cushioning material has been omitted here for clarity.


Note how all the coves are placed upright. The real beauty as well is that all bundles are top loaded and not forced into the box.  


Batten Down


Battening down the hatches.

If other components such as gunnels, stem strips or “Spine -Align” are included they are loaded (underneath or above )  in such a way so that there is no pressure on the coves. These crates have been designed and sized to provide snug packaging without any thing rattling about with only minimal amounts of cardboard required to cushion against the wall of the crate. They easily contain enough strips to build two narrower canoes, or 2 kayaks, or the largest rowboat.

Hint: Since each Totem box can accommodate enough strips for two Canoes or Kayaks why not gang up with another friend and build two thus splitting the shipping and packaging fee. A real win-win deal for the two of you or group.

After your complete order is loaded end caps are applied. Robust fibre tape is also placed on the end to eliminate any potential stress on the end caps during shipment.




Our freight forwarders were impressed with the ” Totem Boxes” and due to this they are fully insured.  A real bonus when shipping strips across the country.


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