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When you receive your package you will probably be wondering how to open the “Totem” box.

As you can see we package our kits tight to ensure that nothing rattles about. On the top you will see small pieces of foam which are cut and then are compressed as the lid is put on. Due to accumulative friction this can sometimes make it a little more difficult to pull the entire mass out in one piece so we have some tips for you.



Firstly there are two end caps which are very easily removed with the help of a utility knife.  For best results simply slit through the tape and peel the entire section of tape off.


The arrow on the end of the box marks how the box should be laid before contents are removed.


Once the tape is removed the lid can be easily pried open to expose the included contents.


The Totem Box may contain other components which are shorter in length such as shorter length strips, stem strips, yoke, & decks which have been laid on top during the packaging process. These components should be removed first.  Next step is to slide out the gunnels – 2 inner gunwales taped together & 2 outer gunwales taped together. The objective is to reduce as many friction points as possible before sliding out the large bundle of strips. You may have to build a small plunger of some sort to push the mass in one direction so that it can be easily held to pull out. In the process always keep in mind not to crush the coves. Once the contents are removed simply re-install the end caps as they ensure that the box remains square.