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A North American First – designed with the environment first in mind!

“TalonGrip” cedar bead & cove strips are available in 3/16″  &  1/4″ thickness in 6′ to 7′ 10″ lengths (shipped in Canada) and 6′ to 8′ 4″ lengths ( shipped in US) to build any design from Laughing Loon Kayaks, Guillemot Kayaks, Green Valley Boat Works/Red Wing Designs , Bear Mountain Boats, as well as Redfish Kayaks. 

   Apr. 8/2017

It has never been easier to build your wonder craft with shorter high quality components. At TotemStrips we continually strive to improve our product line so that you will be able to stand back and admire your efforts with pride in knowing you chose the right supplier.


Justin McCallister- built a real beauty built with “TalonGrip” strips. 

Simply “Prestufit” as you strip. It really is that simple. After choosing your strips press two together ( the length required for your craft) on a flat surface and glue a second one in place directly above in the cove to act as a stiffener holding every thing together. Push the strips together gently to seat every thing in place Don’t forget to apply a small amount of glue to the Talons with an acid brush or dip one end in glue. Keep a damp cloth on hand to wipe off excess glue and allow to cure for about an hour before applying to the hull.  Apply the built up pieces at the sheer line on the forms to start your first row. Simply apply strips sliding and locking them into place as if you were laying bricks remembering to colour match and stagger your joins. You can even trim off any overhanging piece and use it to start your next row which will reduce your wastage considerably. You cannot get any greener than that. The result is a very elegant clean tight join without nails or staples. These components do not have to be clamped as the talons are the clamps when pushed together which really speeds up construction. We think that’s awesome, a world first in green cedar strip construction.

In the photos below Justin McCallister’s ” Bob’s Special” canoe is in progress using our “TalonGrip” Courier Strips  


“A couple things I really liked about the talon grips and using the shorter pieces in general was the ease of handling and installing shorter pieces vs a 16’ long piece especially when you have a cove full of glue. The talon grips worked nicely on the install because I could push the joint together when installing the strip whereas a normal splice would slip.

It was also nice when fairing the canoe with the talon grips since the joint was pretty well level across the two strips.

Staggering the splices was relatively easy as well since every cutoff could be flipped around and used to start the next row with the sawn off part extending beyond a bow or stern a couple inches to be cut off again.

Overall I am really satisfied with how the strips worked out, they were easy to install and made the hull build much quicker. “

  Justin McAllister’s finished canoe – stunning!

“Nice things come in small packages”, as the saying goes. Imagine, high quality components, building any length boat you want out of an 8′-6″ package. There are savings to be had with “TalonGrip” strips. Consistent colour, Vertical grain, without run out.

“TalonGrip”  Courier b&c strips – 6′ to  7′ 10″  – shipped by UPS  in Canada

“TalonGrip”  Courier b&c strips – 6′ to  8′ 4″  – shipped by UPS  in US 

 The lion’s share are 7′6″, and 8′ in length. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

  3/16″ x 5/8″ 3/16″ x 3/4″  
W.Red Cedar b&c .70/lft .70/lft  
Yellow Cedar b&c .70/lft .70/lft  
  1/4″x  5/8″ 1/4″ x 3/4″  
W.Red Cedar b&c .70/lft .70/lft  
Yellow Cedar b&c .70/lft .70/lft

For our US customers, just think, no more bond or brokerage fees.

No more extra length charges on ground freight shipments.

Economically shipped direct to your door world wide via UPS.

Worry free shipping fully insured.

High quality materials only used in our exclusive in house manufacturing process.

A whopping 96% of our old growth forests on Vancouver Island are gone forever!!   No matter where we are in BC we witness the savage destruction of our forests and are reminded of it daily as barge after countless barge of logs are towed past on the way to the sorting grounds. Very little of this wood is available to British Columbian’s and Canadians. It is mostly pre sold being shipped out of the country and it seems that there is very little left for us to value add and create meaningful lasting employment. 

It is not a pretty picture as all reforesting has until just recently been only reforested with mono-cultures of one species for maximised profit when  re-harvesting and very little cedar has been replanted. This leaves the mountains fallow and brittle with the third generation being worthless to harvest, ready to ignite into flames earlier every spring due to the effects of “Global Warming”

With  Heli -logging now the norm, few mountain tops have been left unscathed. With so much of the environment pillaged, most wildlife looses ground as it is displaced into ever smaller remaining pockets of forests still left.

So for this reason we are compelled to act and encourage people to work with all lengths of cedar when building their water craft. 

This has been our motivating factor for creating “TalonGrip” strips.

No Butts about it! Simply superior in every way.

Colour matching is a breeze since we have provided colour matched bundles. Staples are no longer necessary where the strips are butted together on the moulds. These joins do not need to line up on station moulds. For those of you used to scarfing strips together: honestly why bother when we have done the work for you!  No wastage whatsoever since you can simply cut off any extending piece and simply use it to start your next row!  The joins are tight leaving a barely visible line. You just can’t get any greener than this.   

 The lion’s share are 7′6″, and 8′ in length.


All ends are carefully wrapped before packaging in Cardboard  or in  “Totem Box”

Accurate and precise machining assures a high quality product.