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Canoe moulds are not included. 

Strips included in the “Totem” Canoe Kits are 1 foot longer than the length of the Canoe.

For example : 16 ft. “Totem” Canoe Kit includes 17′ full length strips. 

Pricing in Cdn funds.  Prices subject to change without notice.

12 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,031.00

13 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,075.00

14 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,119.00

15 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,219.00

16 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,327.00

17 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,441.00

18 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,562.00

” Totem” canoe kit includes:

  •   70 pcs- 1/4″ x 3/4″ full length “Totem b&c strips” 
  •  Red or Yellow Cedar – your choice
  • 1/4″ x 3/8″x 8′ -12′ lengths “Fineline” b&c strips                                 Red & Yellow Cedar -your choice
  • 4 full length Ash or Cherry Gunwales machined & rounded over (scuppered Inwales add $45.00 to kit price)
  • Yellow Cedar Inner stems & Ash or Cherry Outer stems
  • Ash or Cherry Decks  1 pair of converging grain 
  • Ash or Cherry Portage Yoke 
  • “Totem Box” shipping box

You may change any of the components in the kit & we will adjust the quote accordingly.

” TOTEM” CANOE KITS  offer the long length components that are most economical to ship in a Totem Box when shipping via ground freight.

This box is 19′ long cantilevering 10 ft. beyond the tailgate! Built tough to take the rigours of shipping.

All kits are shipped in the “Totem Box”, incredibly strong and insured for the full value of your order! 

 You get piece of mind with the “Totem Box” built tuff.

Shipping rates vary and are determined at time of purchase.