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TotemStrips  offers some of the finest components available, all crafted in our own facilities.


 Walnut Decks, Gunwales & Yokes


Book matched converging grain decks are standard procedure in our shop production. 

All decks are available in Ash, Cherry, Walnut or Mahogany to match the rest of your components so that you may truly customise your craft.




Shipped with three biscuits each, simply pull the blanks apart as on the right, remove biscuits, apply glue and reassemble as on the left in the photo. Use titebond ll or lll with clamps.  A “dry fit first is advisable first and then apply glue on the edges as well as in the biscuit slots. After clamping wipe off excess glue with a damp cloth to allow for easy sanding. A rubber mallet works great for tapping every thing together.





              Walnut, Ash & Cherry


Scuppered gunnels including full round overs are available in all the above species. Scuppered gunnels can easily shave 2 lbs. of weight off of a canoe, and are easier to install. They also allow for easy drainage of water out of the canoe by simply turning the craft on it’s side as well as providing a convenient place to tie things to should the need arise. Not only that , they add refined elegance to your craft. Yellow Cedar inner stem strips and matching hardwood outer strips are all standard.


  Cherry Yoke

Simple but comfortable yokes.




The Cherry package, an all time favourite adds refined elegance to your canoe.