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Hobby woods copy


Again we are pleased to present more Artwork by Michael Cossever which we have collaged together.

Many are tempted to add exotic strips to their boat project but we would like to suggest that you keep it simple or avoid it completely. Exotics are great for many projects such as Micheals’ but these hard exotics were carved with the use of a Dremel and are extremely hard and time consuming to create. Many exotics such as Padauk are oily and tend to bleed when the epoxy is applied ruining what once was a great idea and not such a great idea after. We would like to suggest that you work with the shades of cedar which are available as they will prove to be much more compatible. When it comes time to sand  the harder woods sand much slower and the softer wood disappears quickly leaving high and low spots. Choose your woods wisely and a good rule of thumb is to use woods which originally grow in the same area naturally.




We offer a variety of exotics for the most discriminating and they are available on a custom order basis. These strips are available in various lengths as per the original stock. Contact us ahead to obtain a up to date quote. Minimum quantities may apply.

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