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 Our strip manufacturing shop utilizes some of most precise milling machinery available, carefully sourced and set-up over time. 

      A Yellow Cedar found treasure.

The latest addition to our operation is a Woodmizer hydraulic sawmill. With it we are now able to cut log’s for cedar strips first and foremost rather than waiting for cedar to accumulate over time at a sawmill. In this way we obtain higher quantity, “quality yields”.

 By “cutting for product”, rather than “cutting product”. 

Located in the heart of the rainforest, we have unsurpassed access to finding quality old growth and exceptional older second growth cedar which very few Canadians east of the western slopes of the Rockies do.  The entire “Totem” sized reclaimed “Float home” log above, has yielded some exraordinary straight grained , even toned cedar. 

Getting back to our milling facility from the sawing site.

Our resawing line enable’s us to finish resaw our cedar, if required in any direction and dimension to get all vertical grain strips. 

Grind-1    Precision Grinding

In house CNC custom tooling assures machining accuracy to within 1/100th of a millimeter. Over thirty years of experience in tooling design, machining strips and building cedar strip craft have honed our craft to make precise strips. Whatever size you are looking for, rest assured that TotemStrips  has or will make what you are looking for.

And after all the hard-fun work of sourcing logs, cutting, and prepping the cedar we finaly get to mill some strips.

We are dedicated makers, operating and owning our own milling operation controlling every step of production from A-Z.  All our Canadian competitors may imply that they own their own strip milling machines but in truth outsource the manufacturing to a third party. Any  middleman contracting out this procedure to another party, inevitably loses control of quality in machining.

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