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Our Courier  & Totem Kayak Kits are customised to build any design from Redfish Kayaks, One Ocean Kayaks, Laughing Loon Kayaks, Guillemot Kayaks, Green Valley Boat Works/Redwing Designs, & Bear Mountain Boats  or any other designs out there.  They are tailored utilising the designer’s building methods in whole or in part.

Plans for making the moulds are not included but may be purchased direct from the designers via their websites as many people prefer to make their own moulds. Our speciality is in the precision milling of Cedar strips and other harder to source essential wood components required to build an elegant craft utilising West Coast cedar and quality Hardwoods. 

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The above “Courier Kayak Kit” includes:


  • 1/4″ x   5/8″ x 6′ to 8′ 4″ bead & cove Courier strips in Western Red & Yellow Cedar.
  • Simply specify your colour preference at time of order and depending upon available stock we will put a custom package together for you at no additional cost!


Fineline bundle

 “Fineline” – Highlight Strips 

  • 12 pcs. -1/4″  x 3/8″ x 8′ Yellow Cedar strips & 8 pcs. 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 8′ Dark Red Cedar strips. If you are building a lighter coloured  hull we will reverse the proportions accordingly.


Satin smooth

Stems if required for some designs

  • Inner (Yellow or Red Cedar) unless otherwise specified.  They are easier to bend & shape to support the ends of the strips during planking.
  • Outer ( Yellow Cedar, Ash, Cherry or Walnut) because of their strength.                  
  • For more detailed info go to  Stem strips.


Shear Clamps if required for some designs

  • Yellow Cedar unless otherwise specified.  
  • Rub rails are not necessary and can be easily omitted eliminating punturing the hull with screws. 


Coaming Materials as per designers specs

  • 1/8″ Yellow Cedar, Ash, Cherry, Walnut veneers for Cockpit Coaming & Coaming Lip


For Courier Kayak  Kit pricing please contact us for a quote. 



Our Totem Kayak Kits  include all of the same high quality components as the Courier  Kayak Kits above .  The only difference is that Totem strips are full length to match each design and they are all 1 foot longer than the length of the kayak. 





   Georgian Bay Kayak

Built by Sidney Baggs of Burgeo, Newfoundland


For Totem Kayak Kit pricing please contact us for a quote. 


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