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We sell System Three epoxies for a very good reason. System Three is consistently dependable and easy to work with, because it simply is the best. We offer System Three Clear Coat Epoxy Kits and they are shipped direct to your door. All our epoxy kits are custom tailored to your particular project. These kits include Clear Coat epoxy, appropriate fiberglass cloth, metered pumps, and UV resistant varnish. We do not up-sell and will only recommend what you really need in order to save you money.




We promote System Three Clear Coat as it does every thing with a much lower viscosity and there really seems to be no other comparable epoxy product on the market throughout all the brands which are available.




Nothing beats System Three Clear Coat! This epoxy is easy to mix and is easier to apply than all other leading brands of epoxy. We are not sure why many are so insistent to apply epoxy with a brush, then force it into the fibers with a squeege and then scrape it off. If this is the process you are used to then the epoxy you are using has a viscosity which is too high. Why go to this effort when you can simply roll Clear Coat on with a roller and watch it soak through the cloth completely wetting it out without any starved glass cloth.  Just keep rolling ahead, not back and forth, but on a 45 degree angle to the weave and all the epoxy will be used up as it wets out the cloth sticking it close to the hull. Why put yourself through a grueling three step marathon of applying epoxy trying to keep ahead of Amine blush. Clear Coat rolls on easy, saturating the cloth eliminating all squeege work with no wastage whatsoever. You might have at best 2-3 drops of epoxy on the floor and that is it. Not only that you can wait up to 36 hrs. between applying coats without having to worry about Amine blush so why the big rush? Enjoy the process and you will have time for your favourite beverage and a relaxing evening in between coats. Do not confuse Clear Coat with Silver Tip as silver tip is a higher viscosity high quality epoxy meant more for laminating and applying as a second and third coat. There is no sense in having two different epoxies on the bench. Although Clear Coat which is designed for ease of wet out on cedar strip craft may be a little more expensive, the ease of application and simplicity of one epoxy rather than two is a more cost effective solution. Once you have worked with Clear Coat you will not go back. Since we started working with Clear Coat we have never had to use a squeegee again. 

For Epoxy Kit pricing please contact us for a quote. 


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